The “Bukeyashiki” is a samurai residence which, with its longhouse gate (Nagaya-mon) and walls along the northern moat of Matsue castle, best reflects the old castle-town atmosphere.
The area called Shiomi Nawate, was reserved for the residence of middle-ranking samurai during the Edo period, and this residence is now the only one remaining in its original condition.
This residence was occupied by successive samurai of middle rank status of the Matsue domain, who periodically had to change their residence. It is now an officially designated cultural asset of the City of Matsue.
Shiomi Nawate is an area offering solace to the heart of the traveler, selected as one of the “100 Roads of Japan”, where we can enjoy the ever-changing aspects of the four seasons.

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Outline of the residence

This samurai residence (Bukeyashiki) consists of a variety of structures, such as the central building, the nagaya-style gate (Nagayamon) and the outer wall. It emanates the atmosphere of the Edo period. The residence is built along the street “Shiomi Nawate”, which is named after Shiomi Kohei who once lived in the house. Amongst others, Feudal retainers with a rice-allotment of 500-1000 koku (1koku = about 180 liters ) lived here while serving as town magistrates.
It was built after the great fire of 1733, and the main building has undergone several improvements and extensions since then. During the three years of conservation repair work begun in 2016, the residence was restored, based on the Meiji-era layout rediscovered thanks to document investigation and critical dismantling work. The main building is approximately 220m2, and both the structure and the materials used for the front entrance and guest rooms are distinct from those used for the private rooms situated at the back, showing the great difference between the samurai ‘ s public and private life. In addition, the garden on the artificial hill is plan, omitting decoration, to represent simplicity and fortitude.

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Opening Hours and Fees

Opening Hours(Open 7 days a week)


(Reception until 18:00)


(Reception until 16:30)

Admission Fees

*Groups of more than 20 persons
Free admission for the disabled with proper identification and 1 caregiver.

Combination tickets for the 3 historical buildings

Discount combination tickets for the Donjon of Matsue castle, Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum and the Samurai Residence (Bukeyashiki).

*Sold at each ticket-office.
*Upon presenting this ticket, you can get a discount at various tourist sites, such as the former residence of Lafcadio Hearn・the Matsue History Museum・the Horikawa Sightseeing Boats and the Gessho-ji Temple .

Getting There

Access Routes to the Samurai Residence (Bukeyashiki).

By airplane

Izumo Airport→JR Matsue Station

From Izumo Airport, take the airport shuttle bus for “Matsue Shinjiko Onsen・JR Matsue Station”, and get off at “JR Matsue Station”.

Yonago Airport→JR Matsue Station

From Yonago Airport, take the airport shuttle bus for “JR Matsue Station”, and get off at “JR Matsue Station”.

By train (JR)

Get off at the San’in Main (San’in Honsen) Line “JR Matsue Station”.
From this station, take a bus that stops at the “Koizumi Yakumo (Lafcadio Hearn) Memorial Museum-mae” bus stop.

By car

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